I’ve been studying Japanese for over seven years.  Yes, SEVEN long years.  Well, not really.   The first time I took Japanese was in college as an undergraduate, but that was seven years ago, in the Fall of ’99 and Spring of 2000.  I fondly remember how fun the class was, and somehow, I got an A both semesters.

Then last year (2006), I decided, “I wanna start studying again.”  So I went to the local community college to check things out, and I got my butt handed to me on a platter.  I was lost on the te-form and my hiragana was rusty.  I was embarassed  and I felt like a mere shadow of my former self.

So, I decided to start over, even if it meant some topics would be boring.
This blog will chronicle my journey through all of my classes, where I will post not only what I’ve learned, but topics that I find interesting.

It is my hope that you, as a beginner, will find this blog useful.


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